s-Design - pracownia projektowa

S-DESIGN offers comprehensive management of construction projects in the area of broadly understood designing. We provide a wide range of services connected with architecture and civil engineering. Promoting innovativeness, we constantly expand the scope of our activity so that increase of our expertise and technical skills allow us to provide the highest possible quality of design documentation in the course of realization of all types of undertakings.

Everything we do is aimed at providing comprehensive support to Investors carrying out construction investments and employing our influence as effectively as possible for the sake of improving the quality of life of our Clients, while applying the principles of sustainable development.

We perform urban, architectural and multi-branch construction and execution designs; we provide professional consulting services at every stage of your investment and at your request we may assume responsibility for all necessary formal and legal arrangements throughout the whole country. The scope of our Office's activity includes also drawing up tender documentation as well as authorship and investment supervision. We take active part in the process of realization of most of our projects. A detailed description of the scope of services offered by us within the framework of projects conducted by us is presented below:

Realization of the pre-project stage:

  • assessment of usability of land for the needs of construction objects location,
  • advice on the required administrative procedures, arrangements schedules,
  • assessment of risks connected with environmental protection, preparation of project charters and reports on environmental impact,
  • evaluation of urban and infrastructural conditions,
  • development of water supply documentations,
  • preparation of materials and applications necessary for receipt of Decisions on Development Conditions,
  • project coordination of the scope of geodetic and geotechnical works,
  • construction inventories necessary for preparation of documentation,
  • technical evaluation of the possibility of construction of additional stories, development and reconstruction of buildings.

Architectural concepts:

  • architectural analyses,
  • land development concepts,
  • functional and technological programs,
  • buildings conceptions,
  • 3D visualizations, renderings in various detailedness degrees.

Multi-branch construction designs for all types of buildings and infrastructural objects:

  • designs of multi-family residential buildings,
  • designs of commercial and public buildings,
  • individual designs of modern energy-efficient houses and residences,
  • conversion, reconstruction, construction of additional stories and development of existing buildings,
  • designs of objects under conservatory protection,
  • designs of industrial facilities, warehouses and production halls, technical, social, office buildings,
  • designs of liquid fuel stations,
  • designs of electrical, power, water supply, sewerage service and gas connections,
  • designs of equipment and installations for environmental protection,
  • designs of objects and equipment for mobile networks,
  • conversion of typical projects,
  • revitalization and thermorenovation of housing estates,
  • fire protection systems for existing and designed objects.

Multi-branch execution designs:

  • execution designs for installation industries,
  • execution designs of reinforced concrete and masonry structures,
  • execution designs of steel structures,
  • execution designs for the architecture industry and individual permanent equipment of buildings.

Interior designs in various detailedness degrees:

  • execution designs of commercial interiors, public (general communication, service and store interiors) and private zones,
  • designs of residential interiors,
  • designs of individual furnishing.

Supporting construction documentation, tender documentation:

  • preparation of building energy performances and audits,
  • bills of quantities, cost estimates, project cost schedules,
  • technical specifications.

Project-connected visuals:

  • preparation of marketing materials promoting your investment,
  • architectural visualizations, renderings,
  • visual identification.

Experts reports, technical assessments:

  • assessment of the technical condition of buildings, assessment of the wear of objects and assessment of causes behind irregularities,
  • technical assessment of the possibility of constructing next stories and building development,
  • assessment of the technical condition of buildings in the light of possibility of installation of antenna structures,
  • ground quality assessment and geotechnical investigations,
  • annual reviews of buildings and five-year reviews in accordance with the applicable provisions of law.

We perform the following non-destructive tests:

  • assessment of compressive strength of concrete with the use of a Schmidt hammer,
  • detection of reinforcement in reinforced concrete elements with the use of ProceqProfoscope,
  • pull-off tests for adhesion of the surface of concrete -dyna pull-off tester (provided by Proceq)
  • moisture contents measurements and anemometric tests of ventilation system performance.

Project works – monuments conservation:

  • architectural inventories,
  • architectural and stratigraphic tests,
  • schedules of conservation works,
  • designs of colour schemes and arrangement of historical buildings' elevation.

Services in the field of authorship supervision and independent investment supervision:

  • scheduling and supervision of works progress,
  • control of compliance with applicable provisions of law and project documentation,
  • quality control of the performed works.

We offer to our more demanding clients comprehensive project management -from the choice of a plot, concept, design, arrangements and permissions, supervision over execution of the whole undertaking, to the final stage of putting the object into operation. We invite you to use our services which we promise to perform with full commitment to your project.